Birkett Long Solicitor Becomes Trustee at Outhouse

A dispute resolution solicitor, based in Essex, has been appointed as the latest trustee of Outhouse East, a charity offering support and information to the LGBT+ community.

Molly Frankham, who works at Birkett Long solicitors, will now work with the organisation’s team, helping advise and support their efforts, and have ultimate responsibility for governance.

She said: “I consider it incredibly important that each and every person is treated equally and with the upmost respect.

“I want to be able to offer my knowledge and experience to help Outhouse East, not just as a trustee, but by helping out on socials and attending fundraising events. To be involved at any level is great – it means a lot to me to give everything I have worked for on a professional level, back to my community.”

Chairman of Trustees, Martin Gillingham said: “We are delighted to welcome Molly on board as a trustee, her professional background is a huge asset to us and as a younger member of the board and as a woman, this ensures we have diversity in the trustees which in turn helps us to be in tune with the community and ensure we provide services that are relevant.

We are very much enjoying working with Molly on a variety of projects.”


About the Author:

Ella Jerman-Riddell is University student and blogger with a growing audience on her youtube channel, Riddellie.