Vertas Confirms Decrease in Incidents Across Sites

A leading FM company has reported a dramatic reduction in injuries reported to the Health and Safety Executive.

Confirming the numbers on World FM Day, Vertas Group Limited says it has seen a 76% reduction in injuries reportable to the Health and Safety Executive under RIDDOR*.

The group – which has 2,600 employees operating acrross eight companies at over 400 sites across the UK – recorded the following incidents:

• Three reportable injuries – a reduction of 76% from 2016/17
• 23 lost time injuries – a reduction of 32%
• 109 minor injuries – a reduction of 29%

The three employees with reportable injuries all made full recoveries from their injuries (manual handling and two slip/trips).

In 2016/17 Vertas Group Limited recorded:
• 13 reportable injuries
• 34 lost time injuries
• 157 minor injuries

The reasons for the improvement in safety are fourfold:

• Formal Manager and Executive site visits increased by 141% and 44%, respectively, in 2016/17 and continued to increase in 2017/18

• Mandatary ‘Tool Box Talks’ ensure staff are aware of safe working practices

• Every monthly line management meeting across the business, from operations and finance to communications and HR, lists ‘Health and Safety’ as the first agenda item

• There is a strong focus on ‘near miss reporting’. Staff in all departments are actively encouraged to report near misses for anything which could present a risk in the future. These are all assessed and rectified by the 10 strong Health and Safety team, within a timeframe appropriate to the perceived level of risk.

Ian Surtees MBA, Chief Executive Officer at Vertas Group Limited, said: “Integrity and consistency are two of our five brand values and we demonstrate these strongly in health and safety.

“We are immensely proud that this intense focus in recent years has borne fruit with significant progress in keeping our workplaces and employees safe.”

*RIDDOR – Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013


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