Business Breakfast Confirms Negative Brexit Perception by Companies

Scrutton Bland has held its second Budget Breakfast of the year, in which it found more attendees believed Brexit would have ‘negative’ impact on their businesses.

Guests at the Budget Breakfast were greeted by some famous faces, in the guise of life sized cardboard cut-outs of national and international political figures including Theresa May and Donald Trump.

The theme this Autumn was the turbulent geopolitical events of recent months and the perpetual deal or no deal question hanging over the UK’s exit from Europe.

Managing partner Jason Fayers said: “Global politics in North Korea and the USA have kept the world on tenterhooks, but closer to home it is the situation with Brexit and the effect the uncertainty is having on our economy which we are watching most closely.”

Scrutton Bland’s Budget Breakfast is now an established fixture on the regional business calendar, and the event is regularly oversubscribed.

Working late into the night, Scrutton Bland’s team of tax, independent financial advisers and finance professionals transcribe, analyse and consolidate the Chancellor’s key points ready to present them to an audience of over 280 invited guests the next morning.

High profile winners in this November’s Budget were first time house buyers, drivers of electric cars, and lower and middle earners. Following a generous cooked breakfast of locally sourced produce, they were presented with a concise scrutiny of some of the most pertinent changes which will impact their personal and business affairs.

“It is important to us as a Firm that we provide our clients and associates with our professional response to the Budget announcements as quickly after the Budget as we can,” added Jason Fayers.

“As advisers we understand the effect that the Budget can have on the economy of our region and we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.

“By hosting a breakfast straight after the Budget we can provide our professional opinions on the impact of any tax and fiscal changes on the finances of our clients.”

At the event, Scrutton Bland launched a poll asking local business owners and managers to give their view on how they think Brexit will impact their business. The poll will continue to run over the next few months.

The Scrutton Bland Poll asked:

How do you think Brexit will impact your business?To date, results received are:

Positively          23 %

Negatively        39 %

Don’t know       38 %

For more information about the Budget Breakfast or any of the other events for individuals and businesses in East Anglia please see www.scruttonbland/ or email


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