Insurance Firm Unveils New Concept for Ambitious Businesses

A leading East Anglian firm has announced details of its new risk management solutions.

AT&A Business Insurance Brokers, which is based in Ipswich, is seeking to tackle two of the biggest current concerns for growing companies – cyber security, and the arrival of GDPR.

Teaming up with its clients Ridgewall IT and Cisco Systems, AT&A will now provide two very tailored solution approaches.

The first is a dedicated AT&A GDPR Checker. The second is the company’s new AT&A Cyber Security Umbrella.

“We know that cyber security is something our clients take seriously,” said Chris Marsh, director.

“Increasing security is critical to prevent financial loss, regulatory fines and legal action. Business reputation can be seriously damaged.”

He added: “On top of this pressure on ambitious businesses, is the impending arrival of powerful General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).”

AT&A believe these two enormous business issues have to be tackled head-on, to keep ambitious enterprises on track.

“There’s a lot of rhetoric on this arena, but we want to go beyond the talk, and deliver something genuinely useful, relevant, and professionally conceived by combined parties with a huge amount of experience and expertise.”

For more information about the new packaged solutions, visit AT&A’s website at



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